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BumbleB Graphic Design - Tropical Leaves Suncatcher Sticker

BumbleB Graphic Design - Tropical Leaves Suncatcher Sticker

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One (1) Vinyl Sticker Size: 4.0 x 3.0 

Features: Waterproof and weatherproof Holographic finish

Fun Stuff: Add a little rainbow to your laptop, water bottle (not recommended for dishwasher), phone case and windows! The holographic sticker throws beautiful rainbows across your walls and floors when it catches the sun.

Small, independent maker. Woman owned.

Material: Laminated Polypropylene Thickness: .004" (about the thickness of a dollar bill)

Colors may vary slightly from photos due to variation in computer screen displays

Instructions for Windows: Clean the window surface Wet the window with a spray bottle or damp cloth Place the sticky side to the window - be careful to avoid touching the sticky side! Slide the sticker into place Use a squeegee or card to gently squeegee out the water and bubbles behind the sticker Allow the sticker to dry completely (may take up to three days)

Enjoy your rainbows!

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