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100% Plastic Free Luxury Cleaning Sponges

100% Plastic Free Luxury Cleaning Sponges

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What are they?
- An alternative to the classic, plastic kitchen sponge
- Washable and reusable so the need to buy traditional sponges is reduced
- Made with 100% biodegradable material
What are they made from?
- A waffle cotton and hessian outer lining, kapok filling, double stitched with 100% cotton thread
- Kapok is a soft fibre that grows around the seeds of the ceiba tree. It is 100% natural, biodegradable and has antibacterial properties.
What colours do they come in?
- We currently stock the waffle cotton in cream, and mustard.

What size are they?
The sponges measure approx 12 x 8 cm. Please note this varies slightly due to them being hand cut and stitched!
How do they differ from a traditional kitchen sponge?
- They don't 'foam up' as much as a traditional sponge, but they hold washing up liquid well
- The kapok can take longer to dry than a traditional sponge
- Due to the antibacterial properties of the kapok, these sponges don't appear to get smelly when wet

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