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Rosemarine Textiles - Rust Silk Organza Plant Dyed Scrunchie

Rosemarine Textiles - Rust Silk Organza Plant Dyed Scrunchie

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Silk Organza Scrunchie - Rust

This scrunchie is made with silk organza and dyed using acacia wood to create a rust color. They are medium size and feature a cute little monogram label. Dyed and sewn in our Detroit studio.

✽ Wraps twice around a ponytail and looks very cute on the wrist as an accessory.

✽ Measures 6" in diameter. Features a Rosemarine Textiles monogram woven label.

✽ Dyed using acacia wood.

Our Process: Each scrunchie is cut, dyed and sewn in our studio. We use the plant dye acacia wood to achieve this warm rust-brown color. Scrunchies are dyed by hand in small batches.

Find out more about our process on our website here:

Care information: Scrunchies can be hand washed using a pH neutral soap in tepid water. Lie flat on a towel or drying rack to dry. If the silk wrinkles, gently steam or hand wash and lie flat or hang dry. We recommend using Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap.

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